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Feb. 23—How to Thrive in the Pool Industry, Pool and Spa Pros on TikTok and more

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The Feb. 23 Pool & Spa Professional Business Update newsletter.


How To Thrive, Not Just Survive Pool & Spa Biz

Find out more about how three so-called "knuckleheads'" are advising pool and spa professionals on not just water chemistry issues but also how to "thrive" as opposed to "just survive in the industry" in this interview with the hosts of the Pool Nation Podcast.

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How Pool and Spa Pros Can Make Waves on TikTok

The short-video social media site has overtaken Facebook, YouTube, and Google in key categories. Here are three of the most popular pool and spa pros on TikTok—and what you can learn from them for your own TikTok takeover.

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Complexities of Mergers and Acquisitions in Construction

By: Trent Cotney, Cotney Attorneys and Consultants

Mergers and acquisitions in the construction industry are now more complex due to the restrictions implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having the right team to help you navigate both sides of M&A is the key to success.

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All Leaders Have Flaws

By: Wayne Rivers, Family Business Institute

There's no such thing as a perfect leader. This article will outline three types of leadership that tend to be troublesome in construction companies and four tips for improvement.

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Construction Activity Expectations for 2022

Predictions from Dodge Data & Analytics point toward increased starts in most residential and non-residential construction sectors as the economy continues to emerge from the pandemic and weather labor and supply challenges.

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PHTA Welcomes New VP of Government Relations, Standards, Codes

Justin Wiley most recently served as VP of Government Relations at the International Code Council (ICC), which he joined in 2007.

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Pool, Spa Automation in More Demand, More Lucrative Than Ever

Today's pool and spa automation gives pros new ways to provide better customer service, reduce service calls and add a profitable side business. Here's what the latest technology looks like, what pros are saying about it and what you need to know to start selling it.

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