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Jan. 12—Saltwater Pool Tips, Great Resignation Tactics, PHTA Partner and more

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The Jan. 12 Pool & Spa Professional Business Update newsletter.

5 Questions With a Pool Pro

Pool & Spa Professional spoke with Yvette Gammon, VP of Gammon Pools, Inc. to discuss becoming the first female chair of the National Plasterers Council, its focus for 2022, as well as upcoming challenges for the pool industry.


Key Contributions to Pool & Spa Professional in 2021

A look back at several contributed pieces to our site from pool and spa professionals—from show etiquette to sales and marketing to getting back into the water—in 2021.


Troubleshooting Saltwater Pools

Adding more salt to a saltwater pool isn't the remedy. Find out from Biolab's Alicia Stephens some of the chemistry issues common to saltwater pools and ways to troubleshoot ideas to the problems.


What Pool, Spa Pros Can Do About the Great Resignation

By: Wayne Rivers, Family Business Institute

In early 2021, people began leaving their jobs in droves. Why is this important? Contractors and business owners report hiring as their top challenge. Find out how to combat this.


Criminal Penalties for Fake Vaccination Cards

By: Trent Cotney, Cotney Attorneys and Consultants

The construction industry has seen a dramatic rise in both public and private owners requiring crew members to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This requirement poses a problem to many employers who do not have fully vaccinated crews and risk losing additional workers when the demand for skilled labor is at an all-time high.


PHTA Announces Watkins Wellness as Newest Strategic Partner

The PHTA Strategic Partnership Program creates special opportunities for companies that promote the association’s initiatives, including education, advocacy, and market outreach.


The 6 Most Momentous Pool, Spa Trends of 2021

Despite everything that happened in 2021, it set in motion several key trends that will continue to affect pool and spa professionals in the year to come.


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