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5 Questions With a Pool Pro

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Pool & Spa Professional spoke with Yvette Gammon, VP of Gammon Pools, Inc. to discuss becoming the first female chair of the National Plasterers Council, its focus for 2022, as well as upcoming challenges for the pool industry.

Pool & Spa Professional spoke with Yvette Gammon, VP of Gammon Pools, Inc. and board member/president, National Plasterers Council.

YvetteGammon_GammonPools.pngFounded in 1998, Gammon Pools is located in El Cajon, California. The company is an active member of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA) and California Pool and Spa Association (CPSA).

From its formation in 1988, the National Plasterers Council has been focused on studying plaster surface problems and the writing of technically sound practices for the industry. 

Pool & Spa Pro: In 2020, you became the National Plasterers Council’s first woman chair. What did this benchmark mean to you personally? What do you feel signified for championing diversity with the NPC and industry?

Gammon: It started with encouragement from someone I respected and a passion to do something bigger than just my job. Thus my love of the NPC was born. To have the opportunity to serve in this capacity has been a real honor for me. On top of that, to be the first female chair of the NPC has made it that much better. Like the rest of society, we are becoming more diverse, and I think it is important to demonstrate that in our leadership. With that in mind, I'm proud of the NPC for selecting me and very honored to be that person.

P&SP: What priorities will the NPC be focused on in 2022?

Gammon: The NPC is committed to leading the industry in educating pool plasterers and start-up technicians. We learned during COVID we need that education to be made available online. We were already headed in that direction, but COVID forced us to accelerate our plans. So, in 2022 we will continue to create content for our Learning Management System to build upon our already available online Start-up Certification Class. We will continue to offer these sessions to our members and donate them to apprenticeship programs launching across the country.

Early in 2022, we look forward to another great Annual Conference. This will be our 33rd meeting, but our first in-person meeting in two years. So, it is a huge priority for the NPC to make that a safe event with world-class education and all the fun that folks have come to expect from an NPC conference!

P&SP: How did you first get started in the pool industry? What do you think are some takeaways to impart from your years’ experience to professionals who are just getting started now?

Gammon: For my husband it was in his blood, coming from generations of work in all aspects of the industry. I jumped in to help as he grew his own company. The unique perspective of seeing the industry as a whole, rather than one aspect of it, positioned us for success. Following industry standards as outlined in the NPC Technical Manual will aid any new company in putting out the best quality work for their customers. In addition, I would encourage anyone getting started now to find a network of support, stay informed, continue their education, and keep their word to your customers and your employees. 

P&SP: Gammon Pools focuses on pool plastering, what traits separate a good plastering job from a subpar one?

Gammon: We are primarily a remodeling company with a unique understanding and focus on pool surfaces. We've watched the products develop and change over the years, the surface is the last thing installed and the one thing that a customer will see for the life of the pool, so our work must be done with the care of a craft done by artisans. Understanding and managing customer expectations, whether it's a surface on a new pool or an entire backyard remodel is key. Education leads to the ability to problem solve and adds value to the relationship. I've always said that customer service is key and we must treat every customer as we would want to be treated. 

P&SP: What do you think will be the greatest challenges for pool professionals in 2022?

Gammon: At this point, 2022 appears to be a whole lot like 2021. If that’s the case, I expect we will continue to see supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and unprecedented demand. We will continue to have to work closely with suppliers to keep product moving, do all we can to recruit and retain talent, and set the right expectations to our customers about what we can realistically do in servicing their needs. These have been extremely challenging times, but we learned in 2021 how to manage through it. We’ll need that knowledge and experience to help us get through 2022.

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