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New Castle Building Group Launches Manufacturing, Distribution Capabilities for Steel Deck Framing Materials

New Castle Building Group New Castle Building Group Launches Manufacturing and Distribution Capabilities for New Castle Steel Deck Framing Materials
Newly launched New Castle Steel deck framing was formerly known as Trex Elevations. The products are available for purchase now, with the first shipments beginning on March 1, 2022.

Atlanta-based deck builder New Castle Building Group announced manufacturing and distribution capabilities for its newly launched New Castle Steel deck framing, formerly known as Trex Elevations®. 

New Castle Steel offers unparalleled performance characteristics that meet the demands of contractors and end-users looking for durable, safe, and sustainable steel deck systems. 

"I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years and have a passion for building longer-lasting decks and outdoor spaces for my clients," said Jason Alloway, owner of New Castle Building Group. "When the opportunity arose to manufacture a quality lightweight steel product, I jumped at the chance. I believe our New Castle Steel branded products bring new possibilities in what contractors can offer clients in both deck design and performance."

New Castle Steel is triple-coated to stand the test of time without shifting, splitting, warping, rotting, or rusting. Precise engineering ensures surfaces remain flat. It is lightweight and easy to work with, but its unparalleled strength enables cantilevers and contemporary curved deck designs. This non-combustible material has a Class 1A fire rating and is rot- and termite-proof. New Castle Steel contains 25% recycled steel and is a 100% renewable resource, contributing to LEED points for building projects.

Contractors and consumers can now buy the following New Castle Steel products, in bulk or by unit, directly from New Castle Building Group: 

  • Track 14 gauge: 1-1/4”x8” x12’, 16’, 20’.
  • Beam 14 gauge: 2”x8”x12’, 16’, 20’.
  • Joist 18 gauge: 1-5/8”x8x12’, 16’, 20’.
  • New joist 14 gauge: 2”x8”x12’, 16’, 20’
  • Beam end cap
  • Adjustable midspan blocking
  • Adjustable beam blocking
  • Joist mount post blocking
  • New framing screws #10 16×3/4”
  • Deck starter clip
  • New Castle Steel approved spray paint

The products are available for purchase now, with the first shipments beginning on March 1, 2022. Marketing and sales materials, including the New Castle Steel website, will enter the marketplace in the Spring of 2022. 

“Our products offer endless design possibilities, and the environmental aspects of steel are hard to ignore," Alloway said. "My company aims to produce reliable quality steel framing at a competitive price point that should be well received. We are open for business and ready to serve."

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